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Heal, Educate, and Empower Kenya

Our vision is to empower the youth of Kenya through quality education and to restore communities through sustainable health care


Operations and Management

We are organized into Four sections which include:

  • Education
  • Health Care Access and Capacity Building in the Community
  • Leadership and Good Governance
  • Environmental Conservation.
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Health - Over 300 Medical Screenings/Camps

Dr. Amos Otedo, Dr. Colleta and medical team, have already conducted many medical screening events in the wider communities and Victory Christian School (VCS) building. This involves management of acute illnesses and screening of communicable diseases (CDs) including Hepatitis viruses and non-communicable diseases (NCDs)

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Education - Impacting Children Since 2009

We have 700+ students enrolled in the school. Many of these children and their families previously have had very little hope for the future. The impact of educating these children since 2009 is already staggering as they bring faith, life and hope back into their homes where poverty is normal.


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What does your donation do?

Education - To create a school with a self-sustaining business model after the building is done. When you donate, you're covering tuition for students, providing for the school, for it’s independent sustainability(see education gallery)(

Health - To offer quality and accessible health care services to the community by:

  • To have a comprehensive hospital infrastructure for quality care in Chianda community( The hospital will be ICT driven to generate data for decision making. It will use solar to be environmentally friendly. Currently, we are constructing the outpatient health centre wing (see health gallery) and this will give thousands of people (mothers, children, elderly, mental health conditions) the opportunity to receive basic health care and treatment that otherwise is lacking.
  • Screening for communicable diseases (CDs) including hepatitis and non-communicable diseases (NCDs), centre at Lwala kadawa village and linking them to care in government hospitals.
  • Creating partnerships with health related actors internationally to improve capacity and quality of health service delivery
  • Creating an enabling environment for training, experience intropical diseases for students in the USA and beyond


IKI was founded by two families

1. Hesbone and Violet Odindo, a faithful and powerful couple, the founders of Victory Christian School. Hesbone is a pastor and an overseer of a network of churches. Violet works tirelessly in the daily and long term oversight of the staff and operations of the school. They carry an incredible load of responsibilities and appreciate your prayers very much.

2. 2. Dr. Amos Otedo (MD, Ph.D) and his wife Dr. (Mrs.) Colleta Otedo (Ph.D) on health. Amos is a consultant Physician (internist) and gastroenterologist and Colleta is a lecturer at Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology, Kenya. They have close ties with their rural, Chianda community and have organized the community to embrace improved health access by spearheading the construction of Chianda Community and Women’s Hospital(, in Siaya county. They have also conducted multiple screening medical camps for different diseases at Lwala Kadawa, in Kisumu county. Dr. Otedo Amos is also a Rotarian in Kisumu. Dr. Colleta is also involved in activities to empower women and girls to be independent and self-sustaining.

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Education - The IKI vision is to create a school with a self-sustaining business model after the building is done. When you donate, you're covering tuition for students and providing for the independent sustainability of the school.

Health - IKI team hopes to put a comprehensive, Chianda Community and Women’s hospital with the following services: out-patient care, laboratory, imaging, physiotherapy, Telemedicine, and In-patient offering:- medical, surgical, obstetrics/gynecology, pediatrics and child health, maternal and child health, mental health and psychiatry, specialist out-patient clinics, clinical attachment for local and international/US students exposure to tropical diseases and research. This will also give community members access to health care.

Environment - The students and community members will also be involved in tree planting for environmental management.

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